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What is AllClear Leafguard?


Installed AllClear Leafguard color matched to corrugated iron roof

The Allclear steel Leafguard is Fireproof and has a zero flammability As per regulation AS1530-2-1993.


Tiled roof and gutter protected by AllClear Leafguard

The Allclear Leafguard protection solution provides you with a long term gutter solution that withstands the harsh weather conditions of Australia. 25 YEAR WARRANTY.


AllClear Leafguard Iron Mesh with fingers installed on corrugated metal roof

The Allclear Leafguard product is a long term solution that will not break the bank.

Protection & Peace of Mind

The Allclear unique steel leafguard and gutter guard offers you gutter protection and prevents water entering your home from blocked gutters and also keeps birds and pests out of your roof.

No more dangerous roof and ladder climbing

  • Australian design and steel
  • Servicing all states of Australia
  • 25 year warranty
  • Fire and Ember protection
  • Designed for best fire protection
  • No more blocked Gutters
  • No ugly mesh appearance
  • Stops birds and pests
  • Still gives access to gutters if needed
  • Improves tank water
  • Manufactured to fit all gutters (box gutters)
Installed AllClear Leafguard color matched to tiled roof
Installed AllClear Leafguard color matched to corrugated iron roof

Unique Patent Design

Allclear leafguard CAN be designed to fit all types of guttering (including box) and is also suited to homes with tank water and also in bushfire areas.

It has no unsightly appearance, and more strength and durability than opposition products. This is why over the last 15 years it has been tried and tested in the market place with tremendous results, and now recognised as the leader in all states of Australia.

Our patent gutter guard system will give your home protection from the build up of leaves, while also providing your home with protection from fires, water damage, birds and pests.

The raised V stops the leaves lying flat allowing the water to flow and assists in blowing the leaves away.

Guaranteed Quality

Allclear Leafguard is 100% Australian made and designed with our Australian steel, and is not an imported cheaper mesh product as used in parts of Australia.

Allclear steel leafguard has been successfully tried and tested with positive results and acceptance, in the market place through all states of Australia.

It is now recognised as the leading gutter protection leafguard by tradesmen and public throughout Australia.


It is for this reason we can safely give you an amazing 25 year warranty.

Bullnose style AllClear Leafguard on heritage style house

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Tiled roof and gutter protected by AllClear Leafguard

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The Number 1 effective Leafguard

Allclear Leafguard Australia was formed by Ron Lienert after twenty years experience in the home improvement industry, specialising in cladding, roofing, guttering and other products. In year 2000 Ron became involved with guttering and leafguards, and realised the potential of a gutter and leafguard protection system that worked more efficiently and lasted longer than the imported plastic and aluminium mesh products that are available.

After working in management with several companies, he collated the information, then designed and produced his own patented steel leafguard.

This technical knowledge, combined with over twenty years of marketing, business management and home improvement experience, makes a winning combination in the market place.

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100% Australian designed and manufactured.

Allclear Leafguard Australia was formed by Ron Lienert after twenty years experience in the home improvement industry. It is now the leading gutter guard for Australian homes. Excepted in all states it adds safety and longevity to any home.


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