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Company History

Allclear Leafguard Australia was formed by Ron Lienert after twenty years experience in the home improvement industry, specialising in cladding, roofing, guttering and other products. In year 2000 Ron became involved with guttering and leafguards, and realised the potential of a gutter and leafguard protection system that worked more efficiently and lasted longer than the imported plastic and aluminium mesh products that are available.

After working in management with several companies, he collated the information, then designed and produced his own patented steel leafguard.

This technical knowledge, combined with over twenty years of marketing, business management and home improvement experience, makes a winning combination in the market place.

The Allclear steel leafguard will give your gutters protection from the build up of leaves, while also giving your home protection from fire and pests.

House protected by AllClear Leafguard

Allclear agents have been trained in all aspects of leaf and gutter problems to help bring this amazing product to you.

It is for this reason that the Allclear Leafguard can safely give you an amazing 25 year warranty.

The powder coated leafguard is secured to the front of your guttering and under the tile or iron roof  and thereby not visible from the ground so it doesn’t ruin the appearance of your roof.

Gone are the days of spending hours of your valuable weekend time up a ladder clearing your gutters by hand. The Allclear Leafguard will do the job for you. The Allclear Leafguard is also an important barrier against potential devastating fire.

In fire prone areas, keeping leaves out of gutters using the Allclear leafguard means no swirling lighted leaves which could devastate your home.

“Because there is no leaf build up in the gutters, there isn’t the added problem of them catching on fire and the rest of the house burning with it” Ron Lienert said.

The system is versatile and can be custom made for box gutters and also an excellent product for tank water.

Since 2000,the Australian made Allclear Leafguard has been successfully tried and tested with tremendous results and acceptance in the market place and is now recognised as the leader in all Australian states.


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“By keeping your gutters clear of leaves, it will stop any overflowing which causes water damage to your home and will ensure gutters last years longer”

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100% Australian designed and manufactured.

Allclear Leafguard Australia was formed by Ron Lienert after twenty years experience in the home improvement industry. It is now the leading gutter guard for Australian homes. Excepted in all states it adds safety and longevity to any home.


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