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Why use AllClear steel leafguard rather than cheaper aluminium or plastic mesh products?

Allclear zincalume steel will last longer (25 year warranty) and will always remain in place with no unsightly appearance on your roof as with cheap aluminium or plastic mesh. Also with Allclear leafguard you still have access to your gutter and roof when needed.

Where can I buy AllClear leafguard?

With the introduction of modern technology, some unscrupulous companies use our name Allclear, spelt as All Clear on the internet, but not telling the public they are using other cheaper materials.  Allclear leafguard products can only be purchased from our approved distributors by ringing our free call 1800 426 607

What is the fire rating for AllClear leafguard?

It is

a) Compliant with the building code of Australia (BCA)

b) Carries a zero-flammability rating granted by the CSIRO AS1530Pt3 compliant

c) Complies to the requirements of the BAL (Bushfire Attack Levels) rating in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3959-2009

d) Complies to the guidelines of the Rural Fire Service

Can I install it myself?

We are happy to supply for DIY, but remember it has to be screwed to front lip of gutter and back of guard so this involves ladders and care.

Can you fit box and other different gutters?

Allclear leafguard can be custom made to fit all box gutters and other different gutters.

Allclear has worked with many builders and architects in solving gutter problems.

Can we match our roof or gutter colours?

Although Allclear leafguard can rarely be seen we powder coat all our leafguard to your choice of colour.

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100% Australian designed and manufactured.

Allclear Leafguard Australia was formed by Ron Lienert after twenty years experience in the home improvement industry. It is now the leading gutter guard for Australian homes. Excepted in all states it adds safety and longevity to any home.


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